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Ashwagandha Root Benefits

Ashwagandha Root Benefits: Nature’s Stress-Reliever

Tired, unmotivated, stressed out??? You’re not alone! Discover how the natural anti-anxiety herb, ashwagandha root, benefits both your mental and physical health. Withania somnifera, known commonly as ashwagandha root or Indian ginseng, has received much attention recently and for good reason. Native to India, the Middle East, and parts of Africa, this evergreen shrub is known as an adaptogen – a non-toxic herb that helps the body to “adapt” to stressful situations. But this natural little stress-reliever can do so much more for your health! The Ashwagandha root benefits include improving sleep, boosting fertility, increasing muscle mass, mitigating memory issues, and more. What are adaptogens? In order for an herb to qualify as an adaptogen, it must have the following: Assist the body in reducing stress (both physical...

Best Immune Booster Supplements

What are the Best Immune Booster Supplements?

Discover the six best immune booster supplements to help you ward off illness. Public health practices include good habits such as handwashing, covering your mouth when you cough, and getting vaccinations to help reduce the spread of infections. Nevertheless, the risk of infection can still be high. For example, even though we have access to an annual flu vaccine, it is estimated that influenza is responsible for 9.3 to 45 million infections and 12,000 to 61,0000 deaths per year in the United States. In light of this, it certainly doesn’t hurt to employ additional protective measures, especially if you are in a vulnerable population (i.e. over 60 years of age, have a chronic disease or immune suppression, etc.). Along with using good habits like handwashing, the...

Beets for Runners: Let Nature Increase Your VO2 Max

Beets for Runners: Let Nature Increase Your VO2 Max

There has been a lot of hype surrounding the use of beets for runners and endurance athletes, specifically for the purpose of increasing VO2 max during exercise. But, can beets really improve athletic performance and, if so, just how long do the results last? Find out here! Over the past few years, beets have become the latest and greatest superfood, surpassing other beloved produce such as kale, bananas, and sweet potatoes to improve overall health and fitness. Using beets for runners and endurance athletes has even been touted by the U.S.A. Triathlon Team as they claim, “Beet juice decreases blood pressure and increases blood flow, thereby increasing metabolic threshold and VO2 max.” Beets are loaded with vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and potassium....

Best Supplements for Heart Health

5 Best Supplements for Heart Health

Here are the best supplements for heart health according to credible research studies. Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the world. In the United States alone one person dies every 36 seconds from a cardiovascular illness, and someone has a heart attack every 40 seconds. It is well-known that the best way to prevent heart disease is to eat healthy foods and drinks, maintain a healthy weight, exercise regularly, and avoid nicotine. However, your heredity, environment, or exposure to other illnesses can also play a factor. In fact, according to the American Heart Association a growing number of studies suggest many COVID-19 survivors experience some type of heart damage, even if they didn't have underlying heart disease and weren't sick enough to be...

Best Home Remedies for Sore Throat

3 Best Home Remedies for Sore Throat

The top 3 home remedies for sore throat relief are here! Having a sore throat can make you downright miserable! Pain, burning, hoarseness, difficulty swallowing… no one likes suffering from sore throat symptoms. If you’re reading this article, you are likely searching for immediate relief. Have no fear – I have the top three home remedies for sore throat here so you can start feeling better fast. Causes of Sore Throat About 90% of sore throats are caused by a virus like the cold or flu or are caused by a bacterial infection such as strep throat. The home remedies described below are targeted to fight the source of the infection as well as eliminate symptoms such as redness and swollen glands. Home Remedies for Sore Throat #1 – Grapefruit...

The Best Vitamins for Runners

The Best Vitamins for Runners

Discover the top nutritional supplements and the best vitamins for runners to stay healthy and perform optimally. An inadequate intake of nutrients can impair runners’ performance and lead to fatigue and/or injury. That’s why it is critically important that runners not only eat a healthy diet, but also take the appropriate nutritional supplements. Here, discover the best vitamins for runners to achieve optimal performance and thwart nutritional deficits. Best Vitamins for Runners: B Vitamins B vitamins are water-soluble, which means the body does not store them; you must supply them each day via diet. In addition, exercise increases the body’s requirements for certain B vitamins such as vitamins B-2 and B-6. Thus, taking a B-complex is the top of the list when it comes to the best vitamins...