Best Immune Booster Supplements

What are the Best Immune Booster Supplements?

Discover the six best immune booster supplements to help you ward off illness.

Public health practices include good habits such as handwashing, covering your mouth when you cough, and getting vaccinations to help reduce the spread of infections. Nevertheless, the risk of infection can still be high. For example, even though we have access to an annual flu vaccine, it is estimated that influenza is responsible for 9.3 to 45 million infections and 12,000 to 61,0000 deaths per year in the United States. In light of this, it certainly doesn’t hurt to employ additional protective measures, especially if you are in a vulnerable population (i.e. over 60 years of age, have a chronic disease or immune suppression, etc.). Along with using good habits like handwashing, the top measures you can take to boost immunity include eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. But, you can also try nutritional supplements to thwart your risk of getting sick. Here, I expound on the best immune booster supplements to prevent illness.

Vitamin C and Zinc

The role nutrition plays in supporting the immune system is well-established. In particular, research demonstrates that vitamins and minerals are some of the best immune booster supplements. For example, taking vitamin C along with the mineral zinc can protect against free radial damage and support an effective immune response in the body.

Vitamin B Complex

Having an adequate intake of B vitamins such as B6, folate, and B12 boosts an immune response called the “Th1 cytokine-mediated immune response”.  The Th1 cytokines are hormonal messengers that orchestrate the immune system’s response to pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, or fungi. It’s the Th1 immune cells that stimulate production of moderate levels of antibodies, proteins used by the immune system to fight infection.

Vitamin D and Sunshine

Vitamin D also plays an important role in the production of antibodies. Plus, it has both anti-inflammatory and immunoregulatory properties. Specifically, it enhances the function of immune cells called T cells and macrophages. In fact, it is well-known that a deficiency in vitamin D is correlated with a higher susceptibility to infections, including respiratory illnesses.

It is estimated that almost half of American adults and one billion people worldwide have a vitamin D deficiency. Yet, you can boost the levels of vitamin D in your body by simply going outside. When your skin is exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet-B rays (UVB), it turns a chemical in your skin to vitamin D, which is carried to the liver and then kidneys to transform it into the active form of vitamin D (calcitriol).

However, many people live in areas where they do not get an adequate amount of sunlight exposure. The same is true for people who spend most of their time indoors. Plus, the reality is that our skin needs to be protected from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation that can cause skin cancers. As such, taking vitamin D3 supplements is encouraged to boost immunity.

Oregano Oil

This one may surprise you! Oregano oil is considered top of the immune booster supplements because of its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Oregano oil contains two ingredients that fight bacteria, viruses, and fungi:

  1. Carvacrol, the main active compound in oregano oil and a type of antioxidant called a phenol.
  2. Thymol, a natural antibiotic and antiviral chemical.

Olive Leaf Extract

The last of the immune booster supplements is olive leaf extract. The main compound in olive leaf extract is oleuropein. Its pharmacological activities are quite impressive including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-atherogenic (lowers formation of fatty plaque in the arteries), antibacterial, antiviral, hypolipidemic (lowers “bad” cholesterol), and hypoglycemic effect (lowers blood sugar).

6 Best Immune Booster Supplements

Since supplementation is a safe, effective, and low-cost strategy to support optimal immune function, it makes sense to try one or all of the top six immune booster supplements:

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